About Us

Dartmoor Bakery Opened May 2015

We are a local family, who love being outside, love Dartmoor and love food. As a family our favourite thing is to be able to spend time together which always involves eating amazing food cooked from scratch, whether it be around the family table or more often than not eaten out on Dartmoor which is our favourite place to be together. Being outside doesn’t stop the quality of food we eat, or the cooking of it which often occurs outside on portable cookers.

When we made up our mind to start a family business we decided to put our two loves together so that others would be able to enjoy them just like we do. We like our food to be fresh, colourful, local and bursting with flavour and have built our business around these values. We have a love of simple food, put together beautifully and are passionate to make it delicious, healthy and wholesome. All of our food is prepared from scratch, with a creative flair using fresh, quality produce from our range of local suppliers.

Aspiring to inspire locals and tourists alike through the art of baking fresh healthy wholesome food using locally sourced produce in a sustainable built environment while continuing to promote the natural beauty that is Dartmoor.

We employed the ‘Upcycled Pallet Company’ to fit out the shop, their ethos and values are in line with our own – ‘Over 4 million tonnes of wood is wasted in the UK each year (that’s a lot of trees). Why would we continue to cut down more and more trees just to make furniture, when there is already so much wood lying around. Well, we don’t. We only use 100% recycled pallet wood. Leaving each of our unique pieces with a certain charm’.  Our whole shop fit is made from pallets no longer wanted from local companies.